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Please specify the correct library via the -work_lib switch. ISE

This occurs in Xilinx's ISE Project Navigator. The exact error message I got was:

ERROR:Xst:2472 - Top module was not found.
ERROR:Xst:2469 - Please specify the correct library via the -work_lib switch.

The problem I had was that one of my verilog files was not in the 'work' library but in the 'verilog library. All I had to do was move that file into the 'work' library and ISE was able to implement the design. To move the file you go to the Libraries tab in Project Navigator.

Was this using Labview or HDL?

Hi! I wanted to ask what exactly you meant by moving a file from the work library to the verilog library. I am using labview fpga 2010 and I am getting this same error.

I searched in the toolbar of the project navigator and was not able to find the lab "libraries tab" anywhere. I have my whole simulation set up within a labview project.

Any comments as to how to get rid of this error?


Re: Was this using Labview or HDL?

Hi Zeus,

This was using HDL - in Xilinx's ISE software. So if you're using Labview I'm not sure how you could fix this. In ISE all the HDL files that you create should be in the 'work' library but core HDL files are in the verilog library. My problem is that I had accidentally saved one of my own HDL files into the verilog library.

I hope this helps.