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My Friends' Websites

Enough with the facebook and twitter. Here are actual websites of people I'm friends with... and people I've known

  • Superstars Spence and Anna's website focusing on movement building and their year in the states.
  • My cousin Andrew. He's a photographer living in London. He likes to travel a lot so there's stuff from all over the world (including from Skirling house).
  • My cousins' B&B Skirling House in Scotland. What a wonderful place, very very hospitable!
  • Fellow programmer Art's band. Art worked with me at Cadabra and Tropic Netorks when they still existed.
  • Waterloo classmate and friend Jamie Strachan. Jamie is a smart dude and a drinker of Scotch.
  • Mose is a funny guy I met traveling in Italy. He's introduced me to new friends in Montreal as well.
  • The hilarious world that is Palmer. We were closer when I spent more time in Ottawa - but a better, funnier guy would be hard to meet.
  • My master's advisor Professor Leib at McGill.
  • Dancer and choreographer Teoma Naccarato was a friend from Concordia in NDG.
  • Very dear friend until he passed away February 13th 2008 Greg Barker. Showing us the piano style.
  • My HS drama classmate Mary MacPherson is now a DJ in Vancouver.
  • Social man from Waterloo Tony Mack made an airport rating website.
  • Beautiful dancer Kasia Ignatowska's tendermess Dance company. Choreographing wedding dances and teaching dance.
  • Lisa Bartels, from high school does insect ressearch.
  • Smart Waterloo classmate Dan Donovan is into entrepreurial pursuits.
  • NDG alumni Hannah Naimen does sword dancing in T dot.
  • Vince Preap, high school friend, is a businessman out in Vancouver, and he writes about money.
  • Wow, a busy, pointless look at my ex-coworker at Overlay.TV Hessie Jones.
  • Fellow ex-MUCS board member Donald Hughes blogs about politics and policy.
  • Smart ruby programmer and Overlay.TV coworker John Duff.
  • Fellow concordia dance hanger-on Raphael Ettore is creating an Arts job site.
  • Wonderful Andy Trull has a Human systems consulting firm. He's great.
  • Old across-the-hall neighbour Tristan Brand takes great pictures.
  • Tall Dan's cool Montreal band.
  • Artist and Coop la maison verte coworker Aimee Van Drimmelen.
  • Drupal 7 lead and super nice person Angie Byron.
  • Family friend from way back in Aylmer Jean-Claude Lefebvre runs a blueberry and chocolate business, south of Montreal.
  • Client Alembic Instruments, founded and run by Adam Sherman.
  • Organization Unbound is a blog about organizations run by Tana Paddock and Warren Nilsson.
  • Designer Alice Phieu has some cool stuff. Alic has also got a ethical marketing business.

But... if you're my friend and I've forgotten to include you here contact me and I'll add you to the list